Zetsuei & Zanmu
Zetsuei&Zanmu Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)絶影&斬無 (Severing Shadow and Cutting Nothingness)
Romaji (Original)zetsuei ando zanmu

ClassWeapon: Katana
Can be equipped byAyatane
DescriptionThey have the hidden power to slash and destroy everything. It dramatically increases the speed of the user.
EffectHP +514, Attack +527, Critical +25, Fire Resist +20, Ice Resist +20, Lightning Resist +20, Wind Resist +20, Agility +100
Available Enhancement SlotsAll
Recrystallizes IntoS Unseen Hand
A Extreme Speed
B Mastered Criticals
C Sharper
Selling Price2491 Leaf
IngredientsFlame & Sound
Pure Refining Furnace
Kant's Firebox


This item is also featured in Cross Edge as Ayatane's exclusive ultimate weapon, although it was renamed to "Shadow and Eternity" in there. Like all the other ultimate items, it's very hard to synthesize, and the unique ingredient required to synthesize it is also pulled directly from Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia: it's Kant's Firebox, although it was renamed to "Kant's Firebox?" in there.

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