Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Yumyum Flower
パクパクフラワー (Flapflower) (pakupakufurawa-)
Monster Card:Plant4
Level HP
57 9906
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1389 744 0 62
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
0 35 18 80
EXP Leaf
174 194
Location Skuwat Ruins

Blast Plate
Prism Garden

Class Plant
Abilities Mouthful

Tingly Gas
Healing Pollen
(Innate Regen)

Grade 4 Drop Jelly Weapon
Grade 3 Drop Cursing Weapon
Grade 2 Drop BBQ
Grade 1 Drop Seed of Phebes
DescriptionThis flower isn't what's yummy. The person in the middle of the flower will eat anything. For example, if a traveler accidentally walks by, yum yum...

There isn't really much difference between this monster and the Gospelflower, given that they both have similar movesets and attack patterns. However, the Yumyum Flower has slightly higher stats and can paralyze the party instead of poisoning them. Still, the same tactics applied to the Gospelflower can be used against it as well.

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