Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
ヨロレイフラワー (Yodelflower) (yororeifurawa-)
Monster Card:Plant2
Level HP
41 3883
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1169 512 0 56
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
8 8 18 60
EXP Leaf
60 75
Location Frozen Eye

Musical Corridor

Class Plant
Abilities Mouthful

Sleeping Gas
Fusion Beam
(Innate Regen)

Grade 4 Drop BBQ
Grade 3 Drop Burnt Root
Grade 2 Drop Dokkoi Set
Grade 1 Drop Juicy Meat
DescriptionUnlike the Hulaflower, the person growing from the petals is skin colored. There are quite a few incidents where people go up to it mistakenly and get hurt.

It has quite a jump in stats from the Hulaflower, although it doesn't have the Healing Pollen counter. However, it does have the Fusion Beam Stored Attack, so care must be taken whenever it tries using it. It also has the ability to put the party members to sleep with its Sleepy Gas attack, so take care whenever battling one of them, especially if it comes alongside otherm onsters.

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