Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
ワイバーン (Wyvern) (waibaan)
Monster Card:Dragon5
Level HP
68 7760
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1699 1728 0 80
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
0 0 35 25
EXP Leaf
392 560
Location Temple of Elemia - Center Area

Prism Garden

Class Dragon
Abilities Poison Bite

Assault Storm

Grade 4 Drop Shiny Fur
Grade 3 Drop Dragon Fillet
Grade 2 Drop Adhesive Blend
Grade 1 Drop Curing Amber
DescriptionKind of like a mix between a wyrm and a winged dragon. It seems to have legs. It is slightly stronger than a wyrm.

A wyvern sub-type monster, whose raw power surpasses those of the Wyrm and the Drake. It's quite an strong enemy, and its normal attack can also Poison party members. Aside of this, and the fact that it can use the Lv. 1 Stored Attack Assault Storm, there isn't anything else noteworthy about it.

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