Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Wandering Swordsman
さすらい剣士 (Wandering Swordsman) (sasurai kenshi)
Wandering Swordsman
Monster Card:Mercenary2
Level HP
44 3312
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1256 1023 0 60
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
13 13 8 13
EXP Leaf
138 184
Location Inferia
Class Mercenary
Abilities Cut


Grade 4 Drop Defeated Lover's Charm
Grade 3 Drop Spoonful of MP
Grade 2 Drop Paradox Eye
Grade 1 Drop Opal Rice
DescriptionDon't know where he came from, don't know where he'll go next. He is on an journey without destination as he masters his sword.

An improved version of the Mercenary, which has much higher stats and has access to Slash, a Lv. 1 Stored Attack, but lacks any stat-raising skills. Just keep your guard high whenever fighting them, and pay close attention to whenever he tries to attack your Reyvateil.

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