The Verticave (縦貫洞, juukandou?, lit. "Longitudinal Grotto") is the entryway to the land that was created when Luca sang EXEC_METAFALICA/. in the Hill of Metafalica. It's basically a road filled with slopes that slowly rises to the entrance of the continent, which later on came to be called Gaea.


After getting permission from Alfman to save Luca/Cloche, who had turned into the basis for the land when EXEC_METAFALICA/. was sung, Croix and his party took an airship to the continent to search for her, and set foot into this place. Upon arriving, Croix wondered if this was the land created by Metafalica, while Leglius told him that the airship that brought them to this place would stick around for a while, allowing to go back to Metafalss if they desired. Croix noted that the road seemed to be going up and up, and that they would have to climb to reach their destination. After a long trek, they finally found themselves in the entrance of Gaea: the Entrance Forest.


It has a relatively small number of screens, but that's compensated by the fact that each screen by itself is rather large and requires a bit of time to be traversed, so this dungeon can be a slog if the player isn't prepared well. Likewise, the enemies here are stronger than anything else they might have encountered thus far, excepting for high-level IPDs, so they should be careful. Luckily this place only needs to be explored once, as returning to the rest of Metafalss becomes impossible after reaching the Gaea Village and the entrance to Gaea becomes permanently sealed off after the continent disappears during mid-Phase 2, so they shouldn't bother returning here except to seek treasures they might have missed or to hunt IPDs.



Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 10


Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Lin 5 None. Roaming Nightmare x 2
Laburi 6 After leaving the Grand Bell Hall in search of the Hymn Crystal Viena. Roaming None.
Janjan 5 After Phase 3 begins. Roaming Type II x 2
Nasha 4 None. Stationary None
Sorami 4 None. Stationary None
Arna 4 None. Stationary Heavenly Messenger
Cyanne 4 None. Stationary Wizard
Lilbug 9 After leaving the Grand Bell Hall in search of the Hymn Crystal Viena. Stationary None
Hina 9 After Luca sings Hartes ciel, melenas walasye at Rakshek. Stationary Hell's Inquisitor
Oka 6 After Phase 3 begins. Stationary Evoluptite
Nao 3 None. Roaming None


This place also counts as part of Gaea, so it also has description on its world map. Said description is: "The beginning hill to everything". It originally translated to: "The hill where everything begins."

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