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    Ion was largely depicted as a girl who would've been helpless without her friends for most of the time in Ar nosurge. Granted, I haven't read the full summary of Ciel Nosurge (though I had read the short summary of it and Aquagon's counter argument when somebody accuses her as a straw idealist), so she might've done a lot more back then.

    Her first song in Ar nosurge has a significant impact to the plot (establishing the Earthes channel, restores her memory, but caused massive Sharl propogration and caused serious trouble for Felion and Delta's party) and was forced on her in her catatonic stage. XIO_PROCEED puts her relationship with Earthes as the defining trait. Lxa ti cia was a song tha…

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    Concerto Test Field

    August 11, 2016 by Ar-cen-ciel

    Part [Execution] - zep liteth (Descending Rebirth)
    Part [Emotion] - nay gin-tiki e-thes (Life of Overlooking God(dess))

    Part [Execution] - falar hymi (Eternal Heart)
    Part [Emotion] - aru-tes rei-fao (always beloved)

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