Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica Enemy
Type Un-Zero
裏零式 (Type Un-Zero) (urareishiki)
Type Un-Zero (AT2)
Level HP
43 5400
Attack Defense Speed
237 222 106
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
75 75 10 10
Pain Resistance Sickness Resistance Virus Resistance Sealed Resistance
Weak Immune Weak Weak
Stun Resistance Instant Death Resistance
Immune Weak
EXP Leaf
234 466
Location Moon Culvert (prior to Phase 4)


Class Robot
Abilities Z-STAB


Rare Drop Time Pyroxene
Semirare Drop Floatstone
Normal Drop Songstone
DescriptionThese robots were developed from leftover Type Zero materials. Although made with leftovers, they're somehow stronger than Type Zeros. That kind of thing seems to happen a lot in the world of invention.

Although stats-wise isn't a large improvement over the Type III or Type 48, it could be said that this monster is actually the long-delayed renewal model for the Old Type Zero, as it has almost the entirety of its moveset while also adding immunity to the Sickness and Stun statuses. This makes it quite dangerous due to the S-KILLER skill, not to mention it also replaced the old P-ARMOR with S-BOOST, exchanging the defensive increase for causing more damage to the player's party. Given this, these monsters should be fought cautiously and the player should try to use Song Magic to eliminate them as fast as possible.

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