Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Type II
弐式 (Model II) (ni-shiki)
Type II
Monster Card:Robot1
Level HP
15 531
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
317 343 0 24
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
25 25 18 0
EXP Leaf
19 28
Location Tower Inside A1 Sector 1~3F (only during Phase 1)

Tower Inside A2 Sector 91F and Floating Wharf (only during Phase 1)
Hexagonal Plate

Class Robot
Abilities K-BLADE


Grade 4 Drop Knight Suit
Grade 3 Drop Opal Rice
Grade 2 Drop Tingling
Grade 1 Drop Droopy Soda
DescriptionA robot. It has a humanoid shape, but it has no legs and floats around.

The most basic among the Robot-type monsters, it isn't really any stronger than other monsters that can be found in the same areas as it, although it can Paralyze and Poison party members. Just try to keep your party free from these status ailments.

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