Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Type III
参式 (Model III) (san-shiki)
Type III
Monster Card:Robot2
Level HP
54 4172
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1496 1133 0 90
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
13 25 13 25
EXP Leaf
224 249
Location Musical Corridor (only as part of a boss battle)

Tail of Reminiscence
Prism Garden

Class Robot
Abilities K-BLADE


Grade 4 Drop Adhesive Blend
Grade 3 Drop An Okay Barrier
Grade 2 Drop Regular Ice
Grade 1 Drop Metal Frame
DescriptionA robot reconstructed from the Type II. It was made with the Type II's weakness in mind, making this one much stronger than before.

As stated by the description, this monster is an improved version of the Type II, as evidenced by its comparitively higher stats. While it lost the paralyzing P-AZMA attack, it instead can boost its own stats or those of its allies with S-BOOST, and also heal itself or its allies with H-LING, and can still Poison party members with the K-BLADE attack, making it more of a support monster, and a real nuisance. Try to gun them down before they have a chance to strengthen too much their allies.

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