Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Enemy
Type 2: Annihilation
弐式・滅 (Type II - Destruction) (nishiki - horobi)
Type 2 Annihilation
Difficulty Level HP Attack Defense
Easy 75 15000 368 406
Normal 78 20000 582 550
Hard 80 25000 842 791
EXP Leaf
700 1749
Fire Ice Wind Thunder
80 80 15 20
Physical Poison Paralysis Curse Song
30 100 5 90 0
Location XP Shell
Class Machine
Abilities -
Grade 4 Drop Mega Heat Scorcher
Grade 3 Drop Rousing Whistle
Grade 2 Drop Platinum Material
Grade 1 Drop Gold Material

The ultimate Machine-type monster, this creature builds upon everything that was laid with its predecessors, so it has the highest stats among them all, despite having a lower HP total than the Type 3: Void. However, as its resistances are essentially unchanged, you should apply the same strategies advised for the Type 2: Extinction in order to defeat it, although you must be careful with the Carrier Model Type-Hs that always spawn with them.

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