(Tower Inside [A8 Sector] 912F, 塔内【A8区画】912F?, lit. "tou-uchi [ei-8 kukaku] 912efu") is an small zone of the First Tower of Ar tonelico, parallel to 912F from the Tower Inside A7, A8 and A9 Sectors 900~921F area, which can be accessed through the Dividing Gate located in the Blast Plate, or using either of the shuttles located in Tower Inside A7, A8 and A9 Sectors 900~921F.


This place is rather small and can be explored pretty quickly, contrary to some other of the Tower's sectors. It has a rather high number of random battles, and a large selection of tough enemies, but exploring this place has some nice rewards in the form of a few rare and powerful Grathnode Crystals, and the recipe for Ayatane's ultimate armor.

This area is optional and it isn't necessary to explore it to beat the game. However, it can only be accessed after Shurelia has been awakened during Phase 3.




Number of Random Battles in This Area: 15

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