(Tower Inside [A4 Sector] 227F, 塔内【A4区画】227F奥?, lit. "tou-uchi [ei-4 kukaku] 227-efu oku") is an small area located inside Tower Inside A4 Sector 227~225F, separated from it by an small energy barrier. This place can be accessed through a shuttle located Tower Inside A5 Sector 362F.


As indicated above, this is place can be considered as an expansion of sorts to Tower Inside A4 Sector 227~225F, being composed of three relatively small rooms. There isn't much reason to visit it beyond shooting the controller in room 24 with Thunder Shot to open up the barrier and connecting it to the rest of the A4 Sector. Due to the above noted, this place can only be accessed from Phase 3 onwards.



Number of Random Battles in this Area: 15

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