(Tower Inside [Sector A2] 91F Center, Tower Inside [Sector A1] 68F and Tower Inside [Sector A1] 2F, 塔内【A2区画】91F奥, 塔内【A1区画】68F, 塔内【A1区画】2F奥?, lit. "tou-uchi [ei-ni kukaku] 91-efu oku, tou-uchi [ei-ichi kukaku] 68-efu, tou-uchi [ei-ichi kukaku] 2-efu oku") are an small part of Sectors A1 and A2, located behind the Dividing Gates of Tower Inside A1 Sector 1~3F and Tower Inside A2 Sector 91F respectively. It can also be accesed from a shuttle located in Tower Inside A3 Sector 187F.


These areas can only be accesed from Phase 2 onwards in Misha's Route, and from Phase 3 onwards in Aurica's Route. This place is completely optional in Aurica's Route, and this it isn't necessary visiting it to clear the game, although it does have a couple of useful items lying around. However, in Misha's Route it's necessary to pass through 2F Center at least in order to go back to Firefly Alley.




Phase 2

Phase 3

Number of Random Battles in This Area: 15

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