Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Enemy
ザンダーバード (Thunderbird) (zandaabaado)
Thunder Bird
Difficulty Level HP Attack Defense
Easy 18 1000 70 48
Normal 21 1600 100 66
Hard 23 2000 109 99
EXP Leaf
79 315
Fire Ice Wind Thunder
30 0 80 50
Physical Poison Paralysis Curse Song
0 50 50 5 0
Location Galvert Bridge (until Phase 3)

Kniehar Signal Station

Class Bird
Abilities (None)
Grade 4 Drop Soul Recharger
Grade 3 Drop Raw Meat
Grade 2 Drop Songstone
Grade 1 Drop BBQ

The second among the Bird-type enemies, like its predecessor, this creature can actually become a danger because its physical attack is invoking an small storm by flapping its wings. This might not look as much, but if you're playing in Hard, this could end up wiping out all your party members in one hit if you aren't careful. Try to keep your distance from it and guard while you try to attack. Also, make sure to use any healing items you have at your disposal if your HP drops too much.

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