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This article contains a fan translation. Please give credit to the translator if it is used elsewhere.

This song is the ending theme for Hymmnos Musical Spica ~A Heart-Crafing Present~, which also doubles as an image song describing Spica's personality and the two faces she has.

The Queen of the Underworld
At1-Spica Information
Unaltered Name路地裏の女王 (Rojiura no Joou)
AlbumAr tonelico Hymmnos Musical Spica ~A Heart-Crafting Present~

Ar tonelico Hymmnos Musical Vocal Best ~Claire & Spica~

SingerYuko Ishibashi
ComposerTakashige Inagaki
ArrangerTakashige Inagaki
LyricsReiko Takahashi, Akira Tsuchiya (Hymmnos lines)
Translated Byaquagon


Rrha apea ra gyusya quowjaz.
Rrha apea ra gyusya quowjaz.
Control is justice

表向きには笑顔 振りまいて
omotemuki ni wa egao furimaite
I always show a smile outwardly,
yasashiku amai toki wo kubaru
Gently giving sweet moments to everyone'
それだけじゃない私 別の顔見てみたいでしょ
soredake janai watashi betsu no kao mite mitai desho
But that isn't everything about me. You want to see my other face, right?

Was yea ra melenas zuieg.
Was yea ra melenas zuieg.
I love authority

watashi ga hoshii mono kureru nara
If you'll give me what I want
anata ni hanashite ageruwa
I'll talk to you
tada janaiwa
And it's not just that
輝くもの ひざまずいて 差し出してよ
kagayaku mono hizamazuite sashidashiteyo
You'll also have to kneel down and offer me your shining things

Wee yea ra accrroad boches wase bale.
Wee yea ra accrroad boches wase bale.
I'll give candy to those who obey me

少しだけ薄暗い路地裏で 私の世界が花開く
だけどまだ足りないの もっと満足したいのよ
sukoshi dake uzugurai rojiura de watashi no sekai ga hanahiraku
dakedo mada tarinai no motto manzokushitai no yo
Within the slightly dim back alleys, my world blossoms.
But that isn't still enough for me, as I want something that satisfies me even more!

Was yea ra melenas zuieg.
Was yea ra melenas zuieg.
I love authority

私が求めてる未来を あなたは叶えてくれるの?
それがもし出来ないのならば 飴玉でも舐めてなさい
watashi ga motometeru mirai wo anata wa kanaetekureru no?
sore ga moshi dekinai no naraba amedama demo nametenasai
Will you grant me the future I desire?
But even if you are unable to do so, I'll still make you taste my candies

Anata ga shiritai to omou nara
If you think you want to know more,
Watashi ni kagayaita mono wo
Bring me your shining things
それ以外 興味ないのよ
Sore igai kyouminai no yo
I'm not interested in anything beyond that
ひざまずいて お聞きなさい
Hizamazuite okikinasai
Kneel down and listen to me
Amaku wa naiwa
I'm not sweet at all

Rrha apea ra gyusya quowjaz
Rrha apea ra gyusya quowjaz
Control is justice

en, rre dsier gyusya yor.
en, rre dsier gyusya yor.
My ambition is controlling you

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