Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Tenba Security
天覇警備兵 (Tempa Guard) (tenpakeibihei)
Tenba Security
Monster Card:Security1
Level HP
13 467
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
288 285 0 18
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
13 18 13 25
EXP Leaf
17 25
Location Tenba Labs (Phase 1 only)

Firefly Power Generator (Phase 1 only)
Tenba Tower

Class Security
Abilities Fast Shot

Poison Shot

Grade 4 Drop Bastard Sword
Grade 3 Drop Less MP for Red
Grade 2 Drop Excellent Criticals
Grade 1 Drop Songstone
DescriptionPrivate security guards of the Tenba Conglomerate. They can be found at all Tenba facilities. They aren't that strong, but there are many of them.

The most basic enemies among the Security-type ones, the Tenba Security are pretty weak enemies whose only particular abilities include an attack capable of Poisoning party members. They can be easily defeated, so there isn't much to add about them.

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