Symphonic Power (導力, douryoku?, lit. "Dynamic Energy"), also inconsistently translated as Power Energy in the English localization of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, is the official name for the energy used in Ar Ciel and Ra Ciela for powering up every kind of machine, and to the energy that allows the manifestation of Song Magic in the physical plane.

Strictly speaking, the Symphonic Power is no more than a concentration of Dynamic D-Waves, and their flow is what allows to use it as energy for all kinds of appliances, from the most simple of machines, to the entirety of structures on the level of the First Tower of Ar tonelico or Soreil.

The main way in which this energy is produced is through the conversion made through Songstones, or from their subcomponents, Grathnode and Parameno, which allows to transform sounds into energy.

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