Suzaku & Seiryuu
Suzaku&Seiryuu Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)朱雀&青龍 (Suzaku & Seiryuu)
Romaji (Original)suzaku ando seiryuu

ClassWeapon: Katana
Can be equipped byAyatane
DescriptionA katana with both fire and ice resistances, and with high attack power and critical rate. Beware.
EffectHP +287, Attack +429, Fire Attack +30, Ice Attack +30, Critical +20, Fire Resist +10, Ice Resist +10
Available Enhancement SlotsAll
Recrystallizes IntoS Pointiest
A Fast Move
B Pointier
C Forbidden Power
Selling Price2454 Leaf
IngredientsGale & Emery
Polishing Powder
Kant's Firebox

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