Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
スペシャリスト (Specialist) (spesharisuto)
Monster Card:Security6
Level HP
94 13787
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2343 1973 0 148
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
38 38 38 0
EXP Leaf
1184 1711
Location Plasma Bell
Class Security
Abilities Frostbite KEI-BO

Full Combination
Full Auto

Grade 4 Drop D2 Cell
Grade 3 Drop Optical Camo Robe
Grade 2 Drop Ice Chaser
Grade 1 Drop Shiny Fur
DescriptionThe best of the best of the security guards. With a 95% success rate, there will never be intruders if you leave it to them.

The strongest Security-type monsters, the Specialist might have lower attack power and HP than the Shadowman, and a moveset practically identical to that of the Armed Guard, but they are quite dangerous. Try to get rid of them before they can become a threat to your party.

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