Sonic Gear
Sonic Gear Information
Possible Alternate Names:Twirly Slashy (Aurica)

Grotesque Gear (Misha)

Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)音速歯車 (Sound-Speed Gear)
Romaji (Original)onsoku haguruma

Name in Kanji/Kana (Alternates)クルクルズバズバ (Revolvy Straightly) - (Aurica)

グロテスク歯車 (Grotesque Gear) - (Misha)

Romaji (Alternates)kurukuruzubazuba (Aurica)

gurotesuku haguruma (Misha)

ClassWeapon: Chainsaw
Can be equipped byKrusche
DescriptionA chainsaw with gears that turn at the speed of sound. Let's not think about when it goes out of control.
EffectHP +333, Attack +285, Wind Attack +25, Critical +10
Available Enhancement SlotsLv. 1

Lv. 2
Lv. 3

Recrystallizes IntoS Triple Attack
A Real Critical
B Very Fast
C Dmg to HP - Mid
Selling Price875 Leaf
Large Gear (Cog)
Power Sourcer

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