A form of magic that only Reyvateils can use, also known as "Imaginary Magic." When a Reyvateil wishes strong enough, the object of her imagination will become a physical object in reality.

Reyvateils are the ones who craft the magic, but the energy needed for the physical manifestation is received from the Tower. This means that Reyvateils are connected to the Tower when they sing a Song Magic.

More technically speaking, Song Magic, formally known as Hymmnos Words and thus falling under the Hymmnos classification, are no more than an Hymmnos Extract that is preinstalled in every single Reyvateil, called either EXEC_HYMME/. or METHOD_HYMME/., depending on the Song Server to which they are connected. Reyvateils all can customize this Extract with their own memories, feelings and sensations, which is what gives birth to every kind of Song Magic known so far. When a Reyvateil sings, she first sends her Dynamic H-Waves from her Cosmosphere to the Song Server, using for this the direct connection they all have, known commonly as the Tower of Life. Then, the Server generates Dynamic D-Waves based on the feelings contained in the Dynamic H-Waves sent by the Reyvateil, and then, sends them back. In the most basic Song Magic, this is displayed as a large orb of energy, while in more advanced Songs, it can have more unique and special appearances, depending on the singer. All of this is accompanied by the voice of the singing Reyvateil, and the instruments and choruses that compose the song according to what the Reyvateil imagines.

Note that the definition in this article isn't applied to the Song Magic used in the Surge Concerto series due to them being based in different methods, while their base principles of converting emotions into power remain the same. For details on it, please read the Song Magic (Surge Concerto) article.


Song Magic can be crafted in one of two ways: by the Reyvateil herself, or through the process known as Diving. The first alternative allows a Reyvateil to make her Song Magic by herself, but has the incovenient that it allows to craft much less Songs, at a much slower rate, and with wildly varying power rates and effects. As far as it's known currently, no Reyvateil has been able to make more than two Songs per year with this technique, given the great deal of effort and concentration that a Reyvateil needs to consciously sort out her own feelings to craft them.

As for Diving, it allows to craft Songs much faster, and with a more reliable power level. However, this requires that the Reyvateil to have a reliable partner, or in some cases a lover, given that this requires her to expose her own feelings and memories, even the ones that she would never reveal to anyone.

Power Variance

The power of a Song Magic is great, and is used in many applications in the current times, especially when it comes to combat. However, the effectiveness of a Song Magic is completely dependent on the confidence and self-esteem of the singer: if the singer feels confident and happy with herself, then the Song will display its effects with full efficiency. However, if the Reyvateil doesn't feel confident, or considers herself to be a failure, her Song will barely release effects, if it evens shows one in the first place. This is why a Reyvateil has to be always in a emotional state where she feels valued and happy to allow her Songs to attain their max potential. Of course, there is also the fact that emotionless Reyvateils, like how Mir was initially, can have Song Magic of the highest level of power, thanks to the purity of their Dynamic H-Waves. However, this would severely limit their Songs to a single type, and would preclude them from obtaining later in the future, or strengthening the only one they have.

Ways of Strengthening

Song Magic can be strengthened in many ways, although each one of the regions shows a particular method:

  • In Sol Ciel, the common method is performing Installs, which allows to add special, customized effects to the Songs
  • In Metafalss, the preferred method is through Dualstall, which has the added benefit of strengthening the Reyvateils themselves in a pleasant way.
  • In Sol Cluster, the method is through Programming, which allows to program a Reyvateil's Song with fragments of their emotions called Hyuma.


Song Magic can be classified under the following kinds:

Red Magic

Song Magic used exclusively for attacking and causing harm to the enemies. This is the only kind of Song Magic that can be used in Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel.

Blue Magic

Used to heal allies, protect them, or to increase their capabilities.

Green Magic

Used exclusively for exploration, in tasks such as destroying obstacles or activating switches. This kind of Song Magic can only be used in Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia.

Dual Songs

Gained in the Infelsphere or in some occasions from the Cosmosphere, this kind of Song Magic is a duet made between two Reyvateils, and are pretty much known as the ultimate Song Magic. To be able to use them, the two singers have to be in Synchronicity status, and be able to sympathize with each other in a very deep level. Can only be used in Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica.


An special kind of Red Magic which allows the Reyvateil to summon forth a figment of her Cosmosphere or imagination into the real world, and use it to attack the enemies. Most likely, this kind of Song Magic is an example of an EXEC_FLIP/. song. Can only be used in Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel.

Individual Song Lists

Special Song Magic