Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Enemy
Snow Stalker
スノーウォーカー (Snow Walker) (sunoouookaa)
Snow Stalker
Difficulty Level HP Attack Defense
Easy 25 1300 60 42
Normal 28 2500 120 60
Hard 30 3500 189 98
EXP Leaf
60 210
Fire Ice Wind Thunder
0 80 10 10
Physical Poison Paralysis Curse Song
0 5 10 50 0
Location Ciela Pathway (until Phase 3)

Old Eternus Galleries (from Phase 4 onwards)

Class Wolf
Abilities Howl (Stored Attack)
Grade 4 Drop Charbroiled BBQ
Grade 3 Drop Iron Material
Grade 2 Drop Rare Metal
Grade 1 Drop He-eel α

Relatively stronger than its predecessors, this white wolf has a high HP, attack power and defense, and as you might be imagining from its name and appearance, it's pretty much immune to Ice attacks. However, it has very pitiful resistances against the other elements and against almost all status ailments, except for Curse, so try to charge up your Song Magic as fast as you can and blast it before it can become a problem.

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