The Sky Plains (ソラガハラ, soragahara?, lit. "Celestial Plains") is the small forest-like area found at the top of the Tower to the Heavens, right on the way to Sol Marta. Therefore, it's necessary to go through this area in order to reach the satellite when using the Tower to the Heavens as the way of access to it.


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Although shorter than the Tower to the Heavens, the Sky Plains are much less straightforward due to the numerous branching paths that form it, making it into a maze of sorts. However, the encounter number is only half of that from the Tower to the Heavens, so despite the strength of the monsters found here, it shouldn't be too problematic for the player to cross this area. Additionally, since its entrance leads back to the World Map, the player can use it to head back to a town and rest in case the party has suffered too much damage at the hands of enemies.




Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 10


Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Petunia 5 None. Roaming Bio Planet x2
Ai 7 None. Fixed Type Un-Zero x2
Berry Larry 7 None. Fixed Dimension x2
Shurei 9 None. Roaming Heaven Drake
Nonoka 7 None. Roaming Type 88
Gedousa 7 None. Fixed None.
Komanchi 7 None. Fixed None.
Raisha 6 After entering Sol Marta for the first time. Fixed Type III
Naomi 9 After entering Sol Marta for the first time. Fixed Zero


  • The name of this area is a pun on 高天原 (Takamagahara or Lofty Plains of Heaven), which is the name for the place in which the Kami dwell in Shinto mythology.

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