Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
シャドウマン (Shadowman) (shadouman)
Monster Card:Security5
Level HP
82 15102
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2790 1701 0 70
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
0 0 0 0
EXP Leaf
704 1308
Location Tower Inside A2 Sector 91F Center, A1 Sector 68F, and Sector A1 2F Center (Phase 3 onwards)

Plasma Bell
Silver Horn

Class Security
Abilities Frostbite KEI-BO

Fast Shot
Super Shot

Grade 4 Drop Hell's BBQ
Grade 3 Drop ASL Circuit
Grade 2 Drop Shiny Fur
Grade 1 Drop Funbun
DescriptionSecurity guards with super powerful weapons that seem almost overkill. If you look suspicious, they will attack you without warning.

The second strongest Security-type monster, the Shadowman is pretty much a return to the basics of this monster type, with the small change of its KEI-BO attack causing Ice-type damage. Aside of its high stats, there isn't anything else that can be mentioned about it.

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