Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Sera Leader
セラリーダー (Sera Leader) (serariidaa)
Sera Leader
Level HP
99 32436
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
3052 3231 -- 414
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
75 75 75 75
EXP Leaf
1500 3000
Location Plasma Bell
Class Reyvateil, Special Enemy
Abilities Girl Explosion

Li'l tonelico

Grade 4 Drop Cosmic Echo
Grade 3 Drop Star Tiara
Grade 2 Drop Reyvaring
Grade 1 Drop Hell's BBQ

The ultimate Reyvateil-type enemy, and also, the rarest enemy in the game, who only appears accompanied by the other three Sera enemies: the Sera Beast, the Sera Bird and the Sera Heart. Because of this, you will have to deal not only with one, but with four dangerous enemies at once. Her Girl Explosion attack causes Fire-elemental damage to all the party aside of causing Curse, which guarantees that all enemies will get critical hits. She also has a Lv. 1 Stored Attack called Li'l tonelico, which causes strong damage aside of ignoring defense, so make sure to Guard your Reyvateil properly.

As an extra note, all the Sera enemies are very rare and hard to find, yet if you want to synthesize all the items in the game, you'll have to encounter and defeat at least one of them, since they are the only way to obtain the Star Tiara, which is needed to synthesize Shurelia's ultimate armor, the Grand Crown.

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