Saki_zx.Flayed Junction Model Zero
Saki Information
Unaltered NameSaki_zx.ZERO_CATEGORY.fredojunktion
Raceγ Sublimated Reyvateil
First AppearanceAr tonelico III
SingerAkiko Shikata
English Voice ActorCristina Vee
Japanese Voice ActorMai Gotou

(Saki, サキ?, lit. "Saki"), full name (Saki_zx.Flayed Junction Model Zero, 咲_zx.零種フレードジャンクション?, lit. "Saki_zx.reishu fureedojankushon") is the main heroine and a γ Sublimated Reyvateil who was created in Archia Laboratory for a project that would have a great impact on the world. She escaped before the project was executed and was on the run for several years before she met Aoto. When she's extremely emotionally strained, she can use a power known as Miracle. Her Mind Guardian is Bombastic Man.


EXEC_EP=NOVA/. - This Hymn functions as the ignition key to operate the DFP in the Moebius Factory . It's also a kitty song.

EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/. - This Hymn is created exclusively for Saki, the Vaccine. With this Hymn, Saki will be able to absorb Ar Ru. But if this fails, Saki will fall into an eternal sleep.

Saki's Ending Song:

Sands of Time


  • Similarly to Aoto, Saki's true name has its order messed up in the localized version. To work, it should be "Saki_zx.ZERO_CLASS_Fredjunction".