The Rakshek Resort Basement (ラクシャク保養地地下, rakushaku hoyouchi chika?, lit. "Rakshak Resort Basement") is, as the name implies, a secret area found below the Rakshek Resort. Officially speaking, is part of the Conductor Vision, which is more commonly known in the current Metafalss as the Rim.


(more coming soon...)


Despite not looking like it at first sight, this dungeon is rather small and doesn't require a lot of time to be navigated, so finding the switches to activate the lifts, as well as finding all treasure chests and IPDs here before defeating the boss should be relatively easy. However, it also has to be noted that this area is exclusive to Cloche's Route, as the Hymmnos Spell used to open the warp gate that grants access to it is never said on Luca's Route, which is why it can never be entered on it.



Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 7



Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Popo 1 None. Roaming None.
Sanri 5 After Phase 3 begins. Roaming None
Slanner 2 None. Roaming None
Mojgoj 3 After the first battle with ??? at the Speech Plaza in Pastalia. Roaming Milky Pom
Pekopon 4 After Phase 3 begins. Roaming Poison Drake x2

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