Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica Enemy
無式 (Type Null) (mushiki)
Prototype (AT2)
Level HP
53 17387
Attack Defense Speed
386 317 137
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
30 50 30 10
Pain Resistance Sickness Resistance Virus Resistance Sealed Resistance
Weak Immune Immune Weak
Stun Resistance Instant Death Resistance
Weak Weak
EXP Leaf
376 649
Location Gyro Stabilizer

Tower to the Heavens
Sol Marta

Class Robot
Abilities K-BLADE


Rare Drop Cat & Mouse Wheel
Semirare Drop Microsphere
Normal Drop Exquisite Screw
DescriptionThese robots were the models for the Type I. Though older models, as prototypes they carry considerable power. You can't be careless with these dangerous robots just because they're old.

Slightly edging out the Type 888 as second strongest Robot-type monster, the Prototype is much more powerful than its predecessors not only due to its stats, but also because of the danger its attacks suppose. Aside of the classical K-BLADE and the single-hitting D-PIERCE single target attacks, it can also use the triple hitting P-AZMA, and it also gained a new attack called S-RAIN which hits a party member four times. This alone allows it to deal a large amount of damage on each Defense Phase it gets, so it is advisable to defeat it quickly and to be careful when it's time to block its attacks.

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