Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Prism Pom
プリズムポム (Prism Pom) (purizumupomu)
Prism Pom
Monster Card:Pom6
Level HP
99 24327
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
2807 1571 0 125
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
35 35 35 35
EXP Leaf
1485 1857
Location Plasma Bell
Class Pom
Abilities Pombad

Pom Blast

Grade 4 Drop Rapid Move
Grade 3 Drop Overcome Ice
Grade 2 Drop Funbun T-Shirt
Grade 1 Drop Enhanced Fiber Mantle
DescriptionA very pretty looking Pom. It's so colorful you might even want to capture it just to make it part of some collection, but it's rather strong so that'll be a little hard.

As visible from the stats alone, this is the ultimate Pom monster. Its attack power and defense double-up that of the Metal Pom, and it also has a high speed stat, all of which can be increased even further thanks to its Self-Evolution skill. However, it doesn't have any Stored Attacks at its disposal, so the best way to fight is to defeat it as fast as possible, especially because it tends to appear alongside with much tougher monsters.

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