Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Priest Spirit
神宮の亡霊 (Shrine Ghost) (jingu no bourei)
Priest Spirit
Monster Card:Priest1
Level HP
23 996
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
567 500 0 29
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
18 25 25 18
EXP Leaf
27 62
Location Temple of Elemia - Outer Wall

Pheyna Temple

Class Priest
Abilities Temple Strike


Grade 4 Drop Dislike Lightning
Grade 3 Drop Spoonful of HP
Grade 2 Drop Defeated Lover's Charm
Grade 1 Drop Droopy Soda
DescriptionGhosts of priests with bulky armor and a spear. We don't know what happened to them before they died, but they're angry and swing their spears around like crazy.

The most basic among the Priest-type enemies, these ghastly foes are pretty easy to defeat and don't present a major threat, although they can become quite annoying due to the fact that they can heal the enemies that appear alongside them. For this reason, make sure to target them first during every battle in which they appear.

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