The People of Mio (澪の民, mio no min?), also known as the People of Aqua, is the team of engineers and scientists that Infel formed for the creation of Infel Phira, back in the 3300's, in the land of Metafalss. A large part of them were Teru, although a few humans and Reyvateils also formed formed part of them

They were the creators of the Lakra System, and they were the ones who designed and performed maintenance on Infel Phira, all with the final purpose of creating Metafalica.

Their first experiment was the creation of Metafalica-Alpha, which ended in complete success, and in the future allowed the birth of the Mikry Forest, and the subsequent founding of Mint Block.

However, after Metafalica failed 400 years ago, and the Pact with the Goddess was signed, the Grand Bell sent all of them to Kanakana Pier, and completely forbid them from having any contact with the outside world.

The People of Mio was exterminated when Kanakana Pier was attacked a few years before Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, reducing it to ruins. The only remaining survivors of this group are Amarie Gelade, Sonia Ray Lacua (also known as Lakra), and Chester Lu Whinoah.

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