Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Peachy Pom
モモポム (Peach Pom) (momopomu)
Monster Card:Pom3
Level HP
17 692
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
359 291 0 22
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
13 25 13 18
EXP Leaf
12 14
Location Terraced Fields

Falcon's Claw
Singing Hill

Class Pom
Abilities Pom Tackle

Jumping Needle

Grade 4 Drop Regular Lightning
Grade 3 Drop Dislike Ice
Grade 2 Drop Dull Weapon
Grade 1 Drop Songstone
DescriptionA Pom with a pink body and white head. It's squishy like the others, but this one's pretty aggressive. Don't let your guard down.

A bit of an step up from the previous Poms, this one has a higher attack power and defense, and it's also the first one in the family to have an Stored Attack among its skills. However, despite this and generally being faster and more aggressive, it isn't a particularly difficult enemy as long as the player pays attention to the times in which Guarding the Reyvateil is required.

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