Paradox Eye
Paradox Eye Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)パラドクスアイ (Paradox Eye)
Romaji (Original)paradokusu ai

Can be equipped byLyner, Jack, Krusche, Radolf, Ayatane
DescriptionIncreases ice and lightning resistances, but it's not really a design that I'd want to wear.
EffectIce Resist +50, Wind Resist +50
Available Enhancement SlotsLv. 1

Lv. 2

Recrystallizes IntoJade Amp
Can be Bought atEm Pheyna: 420 Leaf
Floating City Platina: 630 Leaf
Selling Price210 Leaf
Dropped byWind Guarder: Grade 2
Wandering Swordsman: Grade 2
Temple Guard: Grade 4
A.B.R.γ: Grade 3
Used for SynthesizingQuantize
Void Trance Ray


  • Despite the description, this accessory does not affect Lightning Resistance.

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