Orgel of origins

Delta Lanthanoir, Casty Rianoit and Shurelia standing before the Orgel of Origins in Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star.

The Orgel of Origins (原初のオルゴール, gensho no orugooru?) is an orgel (music box) made out from Songstones, which allows it to absorb music produced by itself and the sounds from other sources, and convert them back into energy. It is used as the power source for the First Tower of Ar tonelico.


Initially, this Orgel was made by a Moon Chanter who later on came to be known as the Father of Sound Science, as a birthday present for his daughter, Shurelia. It was through this that he discovered the powers and special qualities of the Songstones, which allowed Sol Ciel to become the most prosperous region of Ar Ciel during the First Era.[1]

When the Orgel was moved to its current place: a small wooden room filled with shafts and wires, Eleno, who was a descendant of the Father of Sound Science and the most brilliant researcher of the time, was given the administration and control over it. He frequently brought Eoria with him to this place when he had to perform the Installs that were needed to make her the Administrator of the Tower, in hopes of allowing her to relax and make the excruciatingly painful process easier for her.[2]

Currently, the Orgel is lost in the Lower Areas of the First Tower of Ar tonelico, covered by the Sea of Death, but it still continues playing its melody, fueling both the First and Second Towers of Ar tonelico, and keeping them from crumbling away together with the last remnants of civilization in Sol Ciel and Metafalss.[3]


The Orgel of Origin's reaction to its own sounds produces a white hole that connects to the area around where Ra Ciela used to be located, this being a side-effect of the Ra Cielans' failed Grand Phoenix Project, and it is continuously absorbing matter located around that space and converting it into the energy it produces. It must be noted though, that the fact the Orgel managed to produce a spatial connection to Ra Ciela occurred by it being capable of changing the direction of the multidimensional angles (creating singularities and fourth-dimensional crossovers) by mere chance, as it was never designed to do something like that.

Originally, the Orgel had a very low power output and was unable to generate the energy necessary to power a structure as large as Ar tonelico, but the Father of Sound Science and several researchers and technicians discovered a way to amplify the Orgel's power output, and get it to absorb and generate far more energy after a large amount of researching and experimentation, making it possible for it to power Ar tonelico and the entirety of the systems connected to it. They reported it was done through D-Wave amplification techniques, but in actuality what they did was apply something similar to a prism to the Orgel that allowed it to change the multidimensional crossover angles in multiple ways. This could be equated to electromagnetic wave tuning done so its singularity ended pointing to the spatial angle where Ra Ciela is located.[4]


In the end, the Orgel of Origin works through a distortion in space-time or singularity, and it incessantly continues absorbing the matter around Ra Ciela to convert it into the energy it outputs to Ar Ciel. However, singularities cause the universe to contract, so the more energy Ar tonelico uses, the more matter it will absorb from Ra Ciela's area.

This doesn't sound like a great problem, but the fact is that Ar tonelico has been working for over 700 years without stopping, and if it ever started working to its full capacity over a very long period of time, the amount of energy it would draw from the Orgel's singularity would cause the material universe to contract to the point in which all matter existing in it would disappear after being converted into energy.

There are two ways to solve this problem: the short-term one would be to isolate the Orgel from space-time (stopping the flow of time for it and enclosing it in an isolated area of space), while the long-term one would be to completely eliminate the singularity it feeds from. Naturally, the Orgel should never be destroyed under any concept, as if that happens, it would eliminate any probability of keeping the matter conversion under manageable levels and there is a large probability of it converting the whole universe into energy in an instant.[5]



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