Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Order Guard
オーダーガード (Order Guard) (oodaagaado)
Order Guard
Level HP
63 7661
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
715 572 0 69
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
0 0 50 0
EXP Leaf
240 410
Location Altar of Apostles (only during the Platina invasion)
Class Priest, Special Enemies
Abilities Temple Strike


Grade 4 Drop Rather Defensive
Grade 3 Drop Large Gear (Cog)
Grade 2 Drop Glaspear
Grade 1 Drop Healy C

Although they are slightly stronger than the Order Knights, these monsters are pretty much just Priest Spirits with better stats, so aside of their healing skills, they shouldn't be very hard to defeat. Their encounter conditions are the same as the Order Knights.

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