Opal Rice
Opal Rice Information
Name in Kanji/Kana (Original)オパールライス (Opal Rice)
Romaji (Original)opaaru raisu

DescriptionA type of rice called Opal. Eating it will heal any abnormalities of the body, but can I have mine cooked?
EffectFood that recovers abnormal status for whole party
Recrystallizes IntoDislike Fire
Can be Bought AtKarulu Village: 114 Leaf
Platina: 114 Leaf
Selling Price38 Leaf
Dropped ByKneaded Pom: Grade 4
Wandering Swordsman: Grade 1
Type II: Grade 3
Wyrm: Grade 1
Beast User: Grade 2
Used in SynthesizingBunny Rice
Food Juice

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