Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
にょ? (Nyo?) (nyo?)
Monster Card:Nyo?1
Level HP
10 175
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
140 154 0 19
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
13 13 13 13
EXP Leaf
8 10
Location Viola Forest

Cello Forest

Class Nyo?
Abilities Nyo

Healin Nyo

Grade 4 Drop Black Stone
Grade 3 Drop A So-so Shield
Grade 2 Drop Nyo? Guts
Grade 1 Drop Red Stone
DescriptionYou might want it as a pet, but it's still a monster, even though it doesn't has great impact. It holds a green stone with its tail and is actually a pretty rare monster.

The most basic Nyo?-type monster and also, one of the first monsters encountered during the game, the Nyo? isn't a really strong opponent. Aside of its Nyo physical attack, it can occasionally heal party members with the Healin Nyo skill, but aside of that, there isn't anything else that can be mentioned about it.

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