Nosurge (ノサージュ, nosaaju?) is the name given to the devices and Songs that interact with our dimension in order to cause a determinate effect. Given their ability to go beyond the Universe of EXA_PICO and establish contact with other dimensions, they are incredibly powerful, but also extremely dangerous to use.

So far, the only existing objects that receive this name are the Ar nosurge Tube, and the Cielns Class::CIEL_NOSURGE;, Class::AR_NOSURGE; and Class::EXSPHERE_NOSURGE;.

The Cielnotrons that were commonly used during the Ra Ciela days also have as one of their main components a type of vacuum tube called the Ciel nosurge Tubes, but since they don't draw power from another dimension to work, it could be said that they receive this name instead because the Cielnotron Server that makes them work is actually powered by the Oversight ability of a girl that was brought from another dimension called Nero.

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