At2-nenesha Information
Unaltered NameNenesya
First AppearanceAr tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
SingerAkiko Shikata
Japanese Voice ActorSakura Nogawa

Nenesha was Infel's friend and the 14th Maiden of Homura/Fuero. Four hundread years ago, she wanted to create Metafalica with Infel but their plan failed. Infel opened her Heart to everyone but because of the darkness in Infel's heart, she wasn't able to channel the feelings and powers of the people to Nenesha. So, Nenesha, who was connected with Frelia because of her status as Godddess Maiden, ended up using a lot of Frelia's power to sing Metafalica. Raki, in turn, retaliated and killed Nenesha. Her heart is stored in Lower Moon Culvert. She and Infel used to work together to perfect the Sublimation program to "renew" the world by "sublimating" the minds of the people.