Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
ニョ!? (NYO!?) (nyo!?)
Monster Card:Nyo?3
Level HP
31 1851
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
862 738 0 26
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
13 25 13 18
EXP Leaf
48 54
Location Silvaplate

Pheyna Temple
Dragon's Nest

Class Nyo?
Abilities Nyo

Healin Nyo

Grade 4 Drop Tingling Weapon
Grade 3 Drop Jade Amp
Grade 2 Drop Nyo? Guts
Grade 1 Drop Regular Ice
DescriptionA Nyo!? with pink fur holding a purple stone with its tail. But because of its weird color, a sudden appearance surprises everyone. Therefore, its name is NYO!?

An improved version of the basic Nyo?, the NYO!? has higher stats and an additional skill, Fret, which deals physical damage to a single target. However, it isn't a really dangerous enemy, and it can be easily beaten.

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