Character muteMute as she appears during battle.

MueMute in her true form.

Unaltered NameMute_rx.LOUDNESS_CATEGORY_Sharietta
Race3rd Generation Reyvateil
Height184cm (Big form)

147cm (Small form)

Weight73kg (Big form)

44kg (Small form)

First AppearanceAr tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel
English Voice ActorJulie Rei Goldstein
Japanese Voice ActorIkue Ōtani

A Third Generation Reyvateil who is constantly trying to capture Saki, as she was ordered to by Akane. Despite her monstrous appearance, she is quite feminine, and is greatly enraged when anyone tries to say the opposite to her. Later she appears in a much more fitting appearance to her personality. She is also the daughter of Dr. Laude.

Mute's Hymn is: EXEC_CUTYPUMP/.

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