Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel Enemy
Mock Pom
ポムもどき (Fake Pom) (pomumodoki)
Mock Pom
Difficulty Level HP Attack Defense
Easy 80 20000 358 270
Normal 83 23000 559 364
Hard 85 25000 803 522
EXP Leaf
1500 473
Fire Ice Wind Thunder
50 5 5 5
Physical Poison Paralysis Curse Song
0 10 0 10 0
Location Blue Heaven Trail (from Phase 4 onwards/extremely rare encounter)
Class Pom
Abilities (Attack Down)
Grade 4 Drop They-Eel Α
Grade 3 Drop G2 Compound Fluid
Grade 2 Drop G2 Compound Fluid
Grade 1 Drop B-Good β

The second strongest Pom-type enemy, and one of the rare "Mock" type monsters, this Pom has enough stats to become quite a threat if not taken seriously. Most of the same advice given for the Mini Pom is also applicable to this monster, with the addition that it gives quite lot of experience when defeated, although due to its relative rarity, it isn't much of a good idea to use them to gain levels.


Its name is mispelled in the in-game Encyclopedia as Mock Bomb, but the correct name is used in-battle.

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