Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Mini Wyvern
ミニバーン (Minivern) (minibaan)
Mini Wyvern
Monster Card:Dragon8
Level HP
25 1068
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
615 537 0 31
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
15 8 15 15
EXP Leaf
48 96
Location Temple of Elemia - Outer Wall

Dragon's Nest

Class Dragon
Abilities Bite

Tiny Thunder

Grade 4 Drop Droopy Soda
Grade 3 Drop Dragon Wing
Grade 2 Drop Regular Ice
Grade 1 Drop Tingling
DescriptionKind of like a mix between a winged wyrm and a dragon. But it is rather small. It is about the size of a Miny Wyrm, but it's still a wyvern.

The most basic wyvern-type enemy and second weakest Dragon-type monster. It's a pretty weak monster, and aside of being able to cause Thunder-elemental damage with its Tiny Thunder attack, there isn't anything noteworthy about it.

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