Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Metal Pom
メタルポム (Metal Pom) (metarupomu)
Metal Pom
Monster Card:Pom5
Level HP
55 4996
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
1140 1155 0 36
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
0 0 0 0
EXP Leaf
129 100
Location Skuwat Ruins

Tail of Reminiscence
Blast Plate

Class Pom
Abilities Pombad

Jumping Needle

Grade 4 Drop Very Strong
Grade 3 Drop Ion Board
Grade 2 Drop Metal Frame
Grade 1 Drop Songstone
DescriptionThe name Metal is there for a reason. Attacks are almost useless to this hard blob, and it hurts when it hits you. But somehow, it's still squishy and bounces around.

The second strongest monster among the Poms, this formidable specimen has a pretty high defense and attack, and it also has access to the Jumping Needle Stored Attack, which can be pretty dangerous if left unchecked. It's advisable to use Grathnode Crystals and items that reduce it's attack power, or try to increase the Vanguards' attack power to the point in which they can easily take it down. Using strong Song Magic is a good plan as well.

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