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Metafalss Map

Map of the region of Metafalss during the First Era.

Metafalss (メタ・ファルス, Meta Farusu?, lit. "Meta Falss"), also known as Meta Falss (which means "Province of Falss" in Hymmnos) is the region that serves as the setting for Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. This region used to be very known through all of Ar Ciel during the final years of the First Era because of its deeply spiritual ideologies, and because of the many legends that come from this region about the creation of an Utopia, of which the Tale of Rhaplanca is the most widely known. However, due to its harsh environment and geography, this region kept itself isolated for most of its history, which is the reason why its culture and civilization differs so much from the ones found in the regions of Sol Ciel and Sol Cluster.
At2 World

The region of Metafalss seen from above.

Metafalss Map2

Map of the current Metafalss with all its areas marked.

Metafalss Detailed Map

Map of Metafalss detailing the way in which its various areas are interconnected.

To accomplish said feat of creating the utopia, called Metafalica by them, they summoned the Moon Chanters from around the world, and by researching them and theirs powers, together with entwining them to their ideologies, they managed to create the Hymmnos dialect that is still recognized as the most powerful one under the Standard Hymmnos class: the Ancient Metafalss Note. Thanks to their excellent diplomatic relationships with Sol Ciel, they managed to register it into the Song Server of Ar tonelico, and also, obtained their cooperation for a project that would create the utopia, called Project Metafalica. In preparation to this, with the help of the Sol Ciel government, they constructed another Tower of Ar tonelico and the satellite Sol Marta. Sol Ciel also provided them with one of their Origin Reyvateils so she could act as the Administrator for Sol Marta. The name of the Reyvateil that was sent to this region is Frelia.
Second Tower Rim

However, these plans came to an abrupt halt because of the Grathnode Inferia, and the people had to establish themselves into the Tower, which was unfit for being populated by humans. The region was entirely covered by the Sea of Death a few years later. Its current capital is the city of Pastalia, built on the top of the Tower itself.

This region also has a feature unique to it due to consisting of basically a gigantic pendulum, with Sol Marta being its summit. This feature is an unique movement pattern called the Simple Harmonic World Oscillation, and its explained below:

Putting it simply, whenever most of the population is still asleep, the world sways at a microscopic width. Strictly speaking, the amplitude of the oscillation is of approximately 500 Stons (1.5 km), and its simple harmonic oscillation for coming and going has been calculated, and it takes around 581 seconds (9 minutes and 41 seconds) to do the complete movement.

By this oscillation movement, the world rotates 180 degrees per day (north and south exchange positions), and the next day, it returns to its normal state (the Foucault Pendulum Theory). This special world movement has been called the Simple Harmonic World Oscillation, and it's the cause of many unique phenomena that happen within the land of Metafalss. As an example, we have both the sunrise and the sunset. Each day, the direction from which the sun rises changes, and likewise it happens to the sunset, so in Metafalss the sun of the odd-numbered days is called the East Sun, and the sun of the even-numbered days is called the West Sun.

Historically, Metafalss was originally a place called the Elm Valley Village, which was founded by nomads that came from Sol Cluster, at the other side of the sea, much like the founders of Sol Ciel. However, as depicted by the final part of the Tale of Rhaplanca: the Infelious Rhaplanca line, the Elm Valley was covered by lava after the nearby volcano Mt. Listea erupted, which forced the survivors to climb the lofty mountains in order to survive, until they found a plateau fit for being populated. These heights were initially called Metel Filios, but later on were renamed as the Metafalss Heights.

Culturally, the Metafalssians are fastidious, but still humble and introverted due to their origins. As shown by the Infelious Rhaplanca legend, the plateau in which they inhabited until the Grathnode Inferia was formed by the cooled lava that Mt. Listea spewed, and said disaster was also what made them have this nature: they believed themselves to be the chosen ones that had survived the end of the world and were forgiven by the Gods, and as such, they had to uphold that honor left by their ancestors by living in an honest way. This also caused them to see romance and love in an stoic way, due to the negative connotations that said feelings brings: jealously, envy, betrayal... all of which are considered taboos by them.

Noteworthy Places

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