Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia Enemy
Melon Pom
マロンポム (Melon Pom) (maronpomu)
Monster Card:Pom2
Level HP
23 996
Attack Defense Critical Hit Rate Speed
539 500 0 29
Fire Element Ice Element Wind Element Thunder Element
35 35 35 35
EXP Leaf
24 35
Location Falcon's Claw

Temple of Elemia - Outer Wall
Singing Hill

Class Pom
Abilities Pombad

Pom Blast

Grade 4 Drop Megamilk
Grade 3 Drop Shooting Speed+
Grade 2 Drop Tingling
Grade 1 Drop Blue Stone
DescriptionThe shape, color... everything about it screams melon. It looks similar to a Pom, but the head is brown, instead. These guys don't really hurt either.

An upgraded version of the basic Pom, which as the description states, has a brown head tip instead of a pink one, and has access to more powerful attacks, losing the Pom Tackle attack in exchange. However, it isn't really a threat, and can be easily defeated.

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