The Maiden of Homura (Fuero), also known as the Goddess Maiden is a historical title that was established during the foundation of Pastalia, given to the Reyvateil who have installed Frelia's D-Cellophane and thus were able to utilize her power and privileges, as well as the ability to sing EXEC_METAFALICA. While this song has the ability to create the land of Metafalica, it required an overwhelming amount of spectrum and wave flow requirements that were far beyond any single Reyvateil, which wasn't solved until centuries later.

For much of the Metafalssian history, the Maiden of Homura was regarded as the only Holy Maiden in the Grand Bell, as the Maiden of Mio title was only established after the completion of Infel Phira, and even then, the latter title was voided after Infel's death until Cloche Leythal Pastalia was reinstated by Alfman's regime.

The first Holy Maiden was Selena, who was one of the Pureblooded Beta-type Reyvateil from El Elemia who worked alongside Jaza and Enja.

All the Maidens between the 2nd to 14th were short lived Reyvateils chosen liberally among the townspeople, as the Diquility wasn't invented until Infel's time.

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