The title of this article is conjectural; an official name for the article's subject has not been found, so it has been given a fitting title by the wiki editors and administrators.

This name refers to the areas of the First Tower of Ar tonelico that are located below the Terraced Fields, and are separated from the upper floors by a barrier wall, made to keep the poisonous gas from the Sea of Death from going up.

Not much is known about these areas, given that no one has visited them in the last 700 years. However, Shurelia is still able to sense anything that happens down here, and can somewhat monitor the systems in case anything happens.

The few things that are known about the lower areas of the Tower is that the Orgel of Origins, the Parameno Room and the four Parameno Discs are located somewhere in them, and continue existing even in these conditions, since if they had disappeared or had been destroyed, the First Tower would have lost its power source, and completely shut down, killing all of the Pureblooded Reyvateils, dropping the Wings of Horus into the Sea of Death, and completely deactivated the Musical Corridor.

Other things that are known is that the areas around the Orgel of Origins and the Parameno Discs were the places where security was the tightest, considering how essential these facilities were for the functioning of the Tower, and that at the base, there used to be an statue far larger than the Grand Songstone that serves as the main feature of the Songstone Park in the Airport City Nemo, which displays how prosperous the nation of El Elemia used to be.

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