Lakra (ラクラ, rakura?, lit. "Rakura") is a facility located inside the Second Tower of Ar tonelico, between the Moon Culvert and Pastalia. This area is where the Lakra System for monitoring IPDs has been installed, as well as also containing some mysterious machines in its deepest areas.


(more coming later on...)


This area is only accessible from the lifts located at Water Mill and Telmina, but the access to it will be closed until the player is required by the game events to head there. It's structured by several walkways, lifts and doors, several of which require to examine and destroy switches in order to unlock them. It also contains spawning points for several roaming IPDs, as well as having a few fixed ones, as well as some reasonably strong enemies. All of this is capped with a boss battle on the second visit, so it would be wise to be careful while exploring it.




Number of Random Encounters in this Area: 6



Name Lv. Conditions for Appearing Type Accompanying Monsters
Laburi 6 After leaving the Grand Bell Hall in search of the Viena Hymn Crystal. Roaming None.
Janjan 5 After Phase 3 begins. Fixed Type II
Tentuck 1 None Roaming None.
Lymi 3 None Roaming Treasuratops
Eyesee 3 None Roaming Demon
Lisha 4 None Fixed None.
Plum 4 None Fixed None.
Pet 4 None Fixed Twin Wing

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